Biography in English

Mogens Dalsgaard ranks among the elite of Danish pianists with a remarkably extensive career in Denmark as well as abroad.


He was trained at the Royal Academies of Music in Aalborg and Copenhagen, and his debut in 1964 was surrounded by great interest. The same year he was awarded the Copenhagen Music Critics’ Prize, and he received the Gladsaxe Music Prize, which was awarded for the first time ever on that occasion. Dalsgaard was also a prize winner later at a Scandinavian piano competition.


Throughout his career, Dalsgaard has often studied abroad: among other places in Lucerne (Switzerland), Warsaw (Poland) and Barcelona (Spain).


Mogens Dalsgaard is Denmark’s most active concert pianist, with about 100-120 concerts annually and frequent radio and television appearances not only in Denmark but throughout Europe, Russia and the United States.


As a soloist with orchestra he has performed under the direction of Kirill Kondrashin, Maxim Shostakovich, Yuri Ahronvich, Kurt Sanderling and many, others. Furthermore, Mogens Dalsgaard has played the piano in a number of films and recorded LP’s and CD’s.

Mogens Dalsgaard plays Chopins Polonaise in A flat Major



The Press wrote:





When one is writing a pre-mention of a concert and not had the opportunity of hearing the artist in question, one has to rely on the material sent out by the agencies, and unless one is very careful, one may come to promise more than the artist can live up to.


We permitted ourselves to make quite a few promises before Mogens Dalsgaard´s concert, simply because his previous reviews were so enthusiastic that one has to go back a long way to find anything like them, and it should be said at once that we have to go back a long way in the history of the Music Society to find anything that could compare with Dalsaard´s guest performance last night.




…It has been many years since we have been presented with such a resounding talent for piano playing


(Aktuelt, Copenhagen)


The most sensitive and accomplished playing of that evening, came from pianist Mogens Dalsgaard, who put over the virtuoso Hungarian Fantasy by Liszt with dazzling panache


(Politiken, Copenhagen)


..His comments was very entertaining and informative. He added a new perspective to the music.


(Frederiksborg Amtsavis)




An extremely gifted and brilliant pianist.


(Dagens Nyheter, Stockholm)


The performence of the Carl Nielsen Chaconne, was clean and pure.


(Sydsvenska Dagbladet)




Mogens Dalsgaard is an immensely talented pianist. He plays with clarity flashes of power, and delicate subtlety.


(Aftenposten, Oslo)




A first class pianist and musician


(Le Soir, Bruxelles)


.. a dazzling piano technique


(Le figaro)




A musician of the highest pianistic quality.


(Allgemeine Zeitung, Freiburg)




.. A pianist of finished technique and refined sensibility.


(New World, Warszawa)




He is an undisputed master of his instrument.


(St. Paul Dispatch, Minneapolis)